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August 31, 2014

Weekend look: feminine and chic!

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 Saturday was all about femininity, chicness and color! Since it was a warm sunny day, my spirit lift up and wanted to wear something nice to make me feel even more lively - oh, I've had the most strange days this past week; you know that feeling when you wish to shut down completely and go somewhere far away to gather yourself? Sometimes it's like that and sometimes it's alright. But "alright" isn't enough, is it? 
 By the time you read this I am probably somewhere outside the city relaxing at a barbecue, hopefully the weather is with us!

 Happy Sunday guys!

  Wearing: dress, no name shoes and earrings, gifted bracelet, vintage belt.


August 26, 2014


 I'm wearing a sweater. More likely, a cardigan, but seriously..knitwear, already?!
 Both my brian and body is confused with the weather outside and even though I considered wearing lighter layers, nothing else from my wardrobe winked at me, so this striped cardigan was a great choice in the end. Don't get me wrong, I love when chilly days are approaching and that smell of fresh cold Autumn air is the best, but it seems a little too early and I let's just say I am not mentally prepared, yet.
 I wore that rainy day a purple almost-suede thrifted dress and a royal like belt that I was so eager to wear! Again, found in a thrift shop for about 1.5 euro. 

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Wearing: everything I am wearing is thrifted, except for the H&M green rings and Meli Melo blue stone ring and earrings. 


August 24, 2014

Shoes and other cool stuff for sale!


Dragi cititoare romance (nu am scris in romana de o mie de ani, se simte ciudat haha) m-am gandit ca e cazul sa imi eliberez garderoba si sa aduc un aer fresh si sa incerc sa ma concentrez pe un anumit stil, cel care imi place cel mai mult - oricat mi-ar placea sa cochetez cu moda, parca simt ca mi-a ajuns si simt deja directia care vreau sa o apuc.
Asadar, m-am hotarat sa incerc sa vand o parte din lucrusoarele mele care nu au mai iesit din dulap de ceva vreme (mai ales tocurile inalte, oricat de frumos ar arata, simt ca nu imi mai apartin) in speranta ca isi vor gasi un camin nou.

Nu stiu daca voi face din asta ceva regulat, deocamdata sa vedem cum merge, dar daca mai gasesc hainute care nu le mai port, poate le scot la vanzare.

Pentru informatii si comenzi puteti scrie pe

Mentionez ca toate coletele se vor trimite cu Posta Romana prin sistem ramburs.

So..happy shopping girls!

Geanta New Yorker:  VANDUTA

bag4 2 bag4 3

Satchel New Yorker, stare foarte buna, nu prezinta nicio zgarietura, bareta este reglabila.

Latime: 27 cm
Inaltime: 21 cm
Grosime: 7 cm

Pret: 50 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Purtata AICI , AICI si AICI

bag7 2 bag7

Fusta New Yorker, stare foarte buna.

Marimea 40
Talie: 72 cm
Lungime (cu tot cu elastic): 46 cm

Pret: 45 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

As seen HERE

bag3 1 bag3 bag3 2 bag3 3

Culoarea aceastor pantofi m-a facut sa ma indragostesc nebuneste de ei si tineam neaparat sa ii am chiar daca mai tarziu am realizat ca eu am efectiv 2 m incaltata cu ei!

Pantofi luati de pe, stare foarte buna, purtati de maxim 2 ori!

Marime: 39
Toc: 13 cm
Platforma ascunsa: 3 cm.

Pret: 85 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Purtati AICI si AICI 

bag1 bag1 45 bag1 3 bag1 4 bag1 2

Platforme New Look, stare foarte buna, purtate de cateva ori.

Marime: 39
Toc:  13.5 cm
Platforma: 4 cm

Pret: 85 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Purtate AICI si AICI

bag6 bag6 3 bag6 1 bag6 4 bag6 2

Pantaloni Bershka din bumbac moale si lejer cu talie usor inalta (dar nu acolo unde ar trebui sa fie, logic..) 
Culoarea naturala o puteti vedea mai bine urmarind link-urile de mai jos.

Marime: 38
Talie: aprox 80 cm
Lungime: 97 cm

Pret: 60 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Detalii AICI si AICI

bag8 bag8 3 bag8 2

Bluza lejera din bumbac 100% cu broderie alba, stare foarte buna, purtata de maxim 2 ori!

Lungime maneca: 35 cm
Bust: aprox 100 cm
Lungime (de la umar): 61 cm

Pret: 35 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Detalii AICI

bag5 1 bag5 4 bag5 bag5 2 bag5 3

Sandale tip gladiator de la Deichman, purtate de cateva ori, dar starea lor este foarte buna.

Marime: 39
Toc: 9cm
Platforma: 1.5 cm

Pret: 50 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Detalii AICI

bag 2 4 bag 2 bag 2 3 bag 2 2

Botine luate de pe, purtate de maxim 2 ori, stare foarte buna!

Marime: 39 (potrivite si pentru un 38.5)
Toc: 13.5 cm
Platforma: 3.5 cm

Pret: 75 RON (pretul include taxele postale)

Detalii AICI si AICI 

Sper sa gasiti ceva care sa va placa siiii...
..Happy Sunday !