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December 20, 2014



 I don't know about you but I get excited when I wake up, look through the window and see the fog embracing the city, especially the thick one where you feel that you are in the clouds if you live on the 7th floor, like I do. It makes me feel both cozy and chilly at the same time, if that's possible.
 I wish the fog was even thicker on the ground, but even so, I love the photos - it's been an old wish of mine to shoot photos in this type of weather. And today the sky couldn't be more cleared and it feels like a very early Spring - what? It's true though.. 
That day I wanted to wear something both girlie and edgy at the same time. So I thought a mini fluffy skirt and a pair of rock-ish boots will do the trick. What do you say? 
Well now, I need to finish my tea and I'm off to eat some junk food, then to see the last instalment of The Hobbit series! Couldn't be more excited!
Did you see it yet?

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Wearing: Self made skirt, Bershka shirt, BeYou cardigan, handmade ring, H&M tights, Deichmann boots 

Happy Weekend guys!

December 17, 2014

Red/green mix


 I chose a different chromatic this time, more...colorful I think. At least, for me, the red color has this strong impression on me. So what do you prefer? Blue and beige or red and green? I don't think I can choose a favorite and that is wonderful because I get to play along with color as much as I feel like it. Maybe next time you'see me in purple and yellow (too bad I don't wear have anything purple/violet/mauve or magenta in my closet..which is weird). 
When I looked at these photos, I though, boy, do I look hot or what? ( no modesty allowed in this post, sorry) and when wearing pencil skirts and taking photos for a blog, it's a must to pose as sexy as possible, so let those hips shine and stir up some envy (#insertevillaughter

Yes, clothes can have power over you in a good way of course. Embrace it. It's good for you.

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Wearing: Zara coat and skirt, random brand sweater, vintage earrings and belt, Oasap bag, Deichmann boots.


December 14, 2014

Camel and navy blue

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 Looks like I'm still infatuated with this color mix and how can you blame me? Blue goes with my hair color and blue also goes very well with nude/cream/beige/camel/orange and so on. Needless to say that I have been wearing that cape for the last week, it's like I've rediscovered it in my wardrobe after someone from Narnia snitched it from my closet. (Those who know the Narnia books, know what I mean).
  There are 10 more days left unbtil Christmas and I couldn't be more excited. But I'm even more excited when I think about the release of "The Hobbit 3" in a few days, wohooo! I've been watching all sorts of films and shows recently, including the dreamy Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - it's a must, every year. 
Now I'm off to the famous antiques fair we have here every month, hopefully I will find some treasures (and Christmas presents)

 Have a lovely Sunday guys!

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Wearing: cape and boots, New Yorker jeans, Sheinside sweater, Reserved bag, vintage beret and scarf